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RV Advisor Training (Course 1)
• Performance Guides in the RV Dealership
• 10 Mistakes Every Advisor Must Avoid
• Success Formula
• Goal Setting
• The Stages of Change
• Salesman vs. Service Advisor
• Why we have Service Advisors
• Prepare for Success “Daily Checklist”
• Staying in Contact with Our Customers
• The Appointment Process
• Phone Script “How Much Does It Cost…”
• Phone Script “What Do You Think Is Wrong
With My …”
• Phone Script “Emergency Situations”
• Base Warranty Script “Is it Covered
Under Warranty”
• Powertrain Warranty Script “Is It Covered
Under Warranty”
• The 12 Step Service Drive Process
• Feature/Benefit Selling
• Advisor Write-up Scripts
a. Meet and Greet
b. “Check and Advise”
Repair Order
c. MPI Script
• Sales Script

RV Advisor Training (Course 2)
• Diagnostic Fee Script
• Special Order Parts Script
• Menu Training & Script
• Putting the Customer at Ease
• Offer Choices
• Walk Around Form
• Performing a Walk Around
• MPI Process Map With Every Repair Order
• Estimate Sheet Completion
• Selling from the MPI
• Handling Technicians for Maximum Productivity
RV Advisor Training (Course 3)
• Lost Sales Follow-up Report and Script
• Customer Personality Profiles
• Product Knowledge
• SMART Descriptions
• Active Delivery
• CSI Script
RV Advisor Training (Course 4)
• Overcoming Objections
• No Problem Found
• Selling Accessories
RV Advisor Training (Maximizing Technician Production)
• Understanding Productivity
• Increasing Productivity
• Dispatching for Maximum Productivity
RV Advisor Training (Advanced Selling

• The Art of Selling
• Closing Techniques
• Selling via Email
• Retaining New Sales Customers

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