“The training and procedures DealerPRO RV brought to the table is far beyond consulting. They worked hand in hand with our managers and advisors to develop customer service skills and sales techniques. RV technician productivity increased to 103%, unapplied time was reduced by 85%. The dollars spent on technicians not producing work was minimal …Would we do it again? You bet!” 
George M Sutton, George M Sutton RV

“With DealerPRO RV Service Solutions we have seen an increase of over 25% in efficiency and 40% in overall service growth. I will recommend them to anyone interested in improving their dealership.” 
Ed McNamara, Chief Operating Officer, Camper’s Inn
 “Our service department realized significant gains in both efficiency and profitability immediately after beginning DealerPRO’s program. The fixed operations side of the dealership has already experienced an increase of over $200K in gross profit, months before the year’s end.”  
Warren Patton, General Manager, Byerly RV

“DealerPRO RV  is a very professional organization that stands out in their field. They bring many successful ideas and concepts to the dealership that truly make a difference. They also assist with hands on implementation of these ideas at the dealership. I would highly recommend DealerPRO RV to others that want to go to the next level.”
Jamie Dodd, Dodd RV

“We have seen in a very short period of time a 35% increase in our gross profit over last year …We’re very pleased!”
Michael Sebastian, President, Saddleback RV 

“DealerPro RV has the unique ability to bring the best out of our service advisors … In fact, I won the Best Idea award in my 20-group with your inspection and menu inspection processes!”
Dennis Donato, Director of Fixed Operations, Altman Winnebago RV Dealerships

“The training’s fantastic … I’ve had 100s of ‘trainers’ over 43 years—but never had your results! Call me for a strong referral.”
Fran Roberts, President and Founder, Longview RV Superstores

“I won the Best Idea Contest in my 20-group last year using RV DealerPro training ideas that we’ve implemented to improve our dealership’s performance; great training, great results!”
Robert Trupe, President, Mid-States RV

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