Evaluating & Motivating Employees to Succeed
• Eight Steps to Success
• What is a Manager
• Triangle Management
• Necessary Attributes of a Manager
• Goal Setting
• Necessary Employee Attributes
• Motivating Employees
• Think Success
• The Service Managers Job Description
a. First Thing in the Morning
b. Sales Performance Review
c. Advisor Sales Meeting
d. The Road to a Sale
e. MPI Evaluation
f. Accountability Meetings
g. Weekly Performance Reviews
• Directing Employees Through Change
• Comfort Zone
• The Managers Road to a Sale
• Ten Reasons Managers Don’t Succeed
• Eight Steps to Accountability
Financial Statement Analysis
• Understanding the Numbers
• Three Ways to Increase Gross
• The Essential Eight
• Tracking Production
• Expense Controls
Maximizing Technician Production
• Understanding Productivity
• Increasing Productivity
• Dispatching for Maximum

Upcoming Classes

Management Team Performance Driven Training

Optimizing Service Sales to Maximize Technician Productivity
Business Plan Development

• It’s Cheaper to Keep Them
• How We Lose Customers
• Increasing RO Traffic
• Effective Marketing Campaigns
• Marketing Planner
Hiring Top Performers
• Advertising Options
• Job Fairs
• Interview Questions
• Personality Profiles
• Background Checks
• Share Your Expectations
• Hiring Processes
Advanced Production Structures
• Evolution of the Service Department
• Lateral & Simple Support Groups
Building Effective Maintenance Menus
• Structuring Menus
• Pricing Strategies
• Parts Price Averaging
• Labor Time Averaging
• The Importance of “Choices”
• Flush Services
• Domestic vs. Import Menus
Service Manager’s “Best Practices”

• Appointment Systems
• Booking Tickets
• Quick Lubes
• Dispatch
• Pricing Structures

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