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High Voltage Training Center
Energizes Your Service Sales & CSI!

The DealerPRO Training Center offers the perfect solution to sagging service sales performance—a jolt of highly charged sales power.

August 10 – 11
Remaining dates for 2020 TBD

Putting Your Customer FIRST

• Telephone Techniques for Selling Service Appointments
• Technical Awareness for Feature/Benefit Presentation
• Techniques for Giving Feature/Benefit Sales Presentations
• The Customer FIRST 12 Step Service Drive Process
• Communication Skills for Increased Sales & CSI

$795 Course Includes: 2 Full Days of Interactive Training with Role Playing and Test Certification, 2 Training Manuals and Lunch.

August 12 – 14
Remaining dates for 2020 TBD
How To Achieve 100% Service Absorption

• Fixed Operations Performance Metrics
• Telephone Techniques for Top Performing Advisors
• Maximizing Shop Productivity
• Parts and Service Guides to Net Profit Improvement
• How to Manage the 12 Step Service Drive Process
• Evaluate and Motivate Employees to Change
• Learn to Recruit Top Performers
• Design a Customer FIRST SMART Maintenance Menu
• Build a Profit Improvement Plan

$995 Includes: 3 Full Days of Interactive Training, Role Playing, Profit Calculators, Financial Statement Analysis and Test Certification, 4 Training Manuals, 4 Profit Calculators, Menu Template, Profit Improvement Plan and Lunch.

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